FAQ – ABC Reading

What does ABC stand for?
ABC stands for Asset Building Champions. This is a reading program run by Project Cornerstone. Check our projectcornerstone.org

Is this program free?
Yes it is.

How do I enroll my kid?
There is no enrollment needed. All classes in Carolyn Clark Elementary provide support for this program.

Tell me more. May be I can help.
Great! All we ask for is that you spend 30-45 min reading to the class and allot some time for monthly book training (30min). As part of providing foundation, volunteers are required to attend a one time only ASSETS 101 training.

Can I choose any appropriate book to read?
No the program comes with a pre-selected list of books to read. There is a yearly plan we follow. Each book emphasizes specific assets that young children need.

What about the books? Do I buy them?
No. Our School buys it for us and we also get some loaner copies from a nearby school. These are placed in the ABC Reading cabinet in the Staff Working room.

Ok. Now this is getting interesting.? I want to sign-up for my child?s class. How do I do that?
Information coming soon.

So how do I setup my reading session?
Talk to the classroom directly. Setup a mutually convenient time.

So in addition to the monthly training is there anything else that I can use for preparation?
Yes, there are lesson plans accompanying each book. Some paper copies are placed in the ABC Reading cabinet. Online copy is available under Yahoo! Group files section. These lesson plans go into detail on how to introduce the book, the discussion to have, any follow up activities like art or writing. Some of these activities can be easily incorporated as part of grade work.

Which Yahoo! Group?
Once you commit to being a volunteer, you will be invited to join a Yahoo! Group ABCparent_carolynclark which will facilitate easier communication with all readers, provides safe online storage for useful documents etc.,

How will I know of the monthly book trainings or ASSETS 101 training?
You will see advance notice messages in the Yahoo! Group.

Do the monthly trainings happen at a fixed time and location?
We meet in the first week of the month either in the Conference room in the School Office or the School forum.

I can only commit to a few months this year. Is this all right?
Yes as long as you communicate your time availability up front. When you sign up to be a volunteer for a class, the teacher knows you will be coming, the kids come to know you and begin expecting you and look forward to that reading session. Consistent, trust worthy and supportive adults are the ones that help a child thrive.

Hmm? all sounds good. But I am not too sure.
Try starting as a supporting reader by accompanying other readers? sessions or have someone else accompany you when you go into your classroom. You will get the necessary confidence and exposure. Remember, when you commit to reading to kids you are teaching them skills that they will carry through their life. Kids recognizing you in the hallways and greeting you will happily surprise you. You are doing something selfless and important and we all respect that and appreciate it.

Ok. Now tell me the logistics of the program.
To begin, complete the online volunteer application available at projectcornerstone.org Fill in your name in the Year3 class assignments table in the Yahoo! Group database. As mentioned earlier the books are available in the ABC Reading cabinet. You will have to sign-in your name and other info necessary BEFORE checking the book(s) out. AFTER you complete your reading session, please complete the checkout process by filling in the reading date and books check-in date. The sign-in sheet is placed in a visible location in the same cabinet.
This is a simple, flexible program that fits around your schedule and convenience. Don?t hesitate to let us know of any questions or glitches.

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